Show Notes

Episode 1:
Meet Your Co-Hosts

Join your co-hosts Mary Nunaley, co-founder of the Lavender Dragon team and eLearning experience designer and Sharon Otaguro co-founder of Ohana Events. In our new show, we will be sharing our adventures in entrepreneurship with a focus on actions that you, our audience can take as you grow your business.

Our goals are to have fun, engage with our audience, share insights, and to learn with you.

We will publish a new episode every Tuesday and will be bringing on guests as well.

Episode 2:
Achieving Clarity in Your Business

Clarity - a word that we frequently hear talked about in business or life but what does it mean? In this episode we talk about the importance of clarity and why it is okay to shift gears when things aren't working quite as planned.

Episode 3:
The Importance of Clarity in Your Business (again)

In this episode we talk about the importance of clarity, the value of setting rules in your business, and how having these elements in place can improve engagement. To stay up to date with what's happening, visit http://sisterstreet.show

Episode 4:

Join your hosts Mary and Sharon as we chat about the importance of alignment in our business. Sharon shares three tips for aligning and provides an exercise that you can do as well. To stay in touch visit http://sisterstreet.show

Episode 5:
Kimberly Weitkamp, Conversion Copywriter
on Creating a Nurture Sequence

Join Mary and Sharon in Part 1 of 2 as we chat with Conversion Copywriter Kimberly Weitkamp about the importance of a good nurture sequence, the value of email marketing, and how to measure success.

Kimberly is the founder of Audience Converter and brings a sense of fun and adventure to her work. She offers a 5 Day challenge to help you get started on the path to better web content and can be found at https://theaudienceconverter.com/

Connect with Kimberly on LinkedIn at:

Tune in for Part 2 as we continue exploring the topic.

Episode 6:
Kimberly Weitkamp Conversion Copywriter Part 2

We are back with more wisdom from Kimberly. If you missed last week's episode, take a listen and discover more about the importance of email.

In part 2, Kimberly shares some stories, wisdom, and practical steps anyone can take to improve their email campaigns.

To catch up on past episodes or to stay in touch visit http://sisterstreet.show

Episode 7: 
The Importance of an Email Nurture Sequence

Join Mary and Sharon as we recap the importance of having an email nurture sequence, how to set success goals for your emails, the value on not comparing your business to others and a sneak peek at our next series on lead magnets.

Play along with our email sequence, visit http://sisterstreet.show.

Episode 8: 
Lead Magnets with Shereese Alexander

In this episode of the Sister Street Show we spend some time chatting with Shereese Alexander, a business networking coach and lead magnet expert. We discuss the value and importance of a lead magnet, the different types of lead magnets, and how to get started creating your own.

Shereese helps online business owners get more clients through joint venture partnerships. One of the 1st things your potential partner is going to want to know is what lead magnet do you want them to share with their audience. You've got to make it a great one that they are excited to share in order to get them to promote you.

Need a lead magnet idea? I've got 70+ waiting for you! Check it out: https://jvjoy.com/leadmagnetlibrary

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Episode 9: 
UN-packing Lead Magnets Part 1

Mary and Sharon discuss the role of lead magnets in building your online business and the importance of determining the goals for your offering. They also look at how to make your lead magnet more appealing. Next week, they will be sharing how to make lead magnets more engaging and interactive. To explore this topic further visit http://sisterstreet.show

Episode 10: 
Lead Magnet Follow Up
Part 2

In this wrap up episode,

Mary and Sharon continue exploring the importance of a lead magnet, how to apply gamification strategies to your lead generation and more.

Tune in for the next episode when the conversation moves to virtual events.

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Episode 11: ​
Chabidaye Jaglal Ramnath on the power of summits for your business

Join Sharon and I as we chat with Chabidaye Jaglal Ramnath about the power of summits as a business growth strategy and the importance of proper planning.

If you'd like to experience a summit as an audience member, you can attend Chabidaye's summit this week by registering at: http://leadandlift.com/summit [Nov 2021]

If you'd like to learn more about hosting a summit and what planning is required you can register for an upcoming Summit workshop at: https://summitsuccessplan.com/workshopcheckout

Episode 12: 
All About Events;
​Recap Part 1

Join Sharon and I as we take a closer look at the world of events and summits. Learn more at http://sisterstreet.show or follow Sister Street Show on Facebook.

​To learn more about our guests, join our interactive adventure, or view past episodes be sure to check out http://sisterstreet.show

Episode 13: ​
Events and Speakers
with Gini Trask

Join us as we chat with Gini Trask about how to find stages for speaking, ways to improve your speaker presence, and some upcoming events designed for speakers.

Gini also shared details about an upcoming speaker retreat and her event host checklist.

To learn more about the speaker retreat: https://gogroupily.com/02/08/entrepre...

To download the free event checklist:

To learn more about Speaker's Playhouse: https://checkingout.thrivecart.com/speakersplayhouse/?affiliate=maryncreates

Episode 14: 
Black Friday Sales? 
Yes? or No!

Tune in as Sharon and I discuss the Thanksgiving break in the U.S. and our thoughts on Black Friday sales, the good, the bad, and the questionable.

We also wrap up our series on events with our thoughts on the role of challenges, giveaways, and other lead generating activities.

We also would like you to join us on December 15, 2021 on Facebook for a live event.

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